You’re Looking For A New Job, Aren’t You?

Well, Let’s Get Down To Some Basics.

Do you –
Spend a lot of time browsing through your Facebook newsfeed,
and actually notice all those tiny ads lurking in the corner of your screen?
Do you think in #s and see a potential post surrounding everything?
Do you love anything well-designed and have a strong phobia toward visual clutter?
Do you feel tempted to block anyone who likes to type lik dis and thinks it is totally kewl?
Are you all about to do lists, Excel sheets and staying on top of deadlines?
More importantly, do you have a slightly weird streak to you?
If you answered yes to more than half of the above questions, then you,
dear ATJ cadet, have just the right amount of Jazz quotient for us. Drop us an emailĀ at info@allthatjazz.in, and don’t forget to include both your CV and work samples.