All That Jazz is a Mumbai based agency with a core team of seasoned professionals that bring 11 years of collective experience to the table in design, events, branding, communication and products. Now THAT is the standard way one would go about portraying their company on an “About” page. Yawn. But, standard is the last adjective that could possibly describe us, so here is a truer, more authentic description of who we are, what we believe in, what we do and where we really want to head toward –

  • Honest, punctual, young and committed, we are hip, yet classy and possess finesse.
  • Design is the cornerstone of everything we do.
  • Our passion for finer details directs us to challenge the limits of creativity, whether it be in design, events, branding, communication or products.
  • We understand clients and campaigns are like thumb-prints – no two are alike, and neither are our solutions.
  • Driven by an innate passion for design and customization, we aim to grow as an events and creative agency that draws those who want to stand out and stand tall.

Everyone has a vision, we have a check-list we keep pinned to our walls

  • Offices PAN-India
  • Clients around the globe
  • Our name on top of every wishlist
  • Setup ATJ cafés where we showcase our products and work
  • Go viral, again. And, again. And, again. “ATJ It” enters Webster’s Dictionary like “Google It”
  • Every employee should have a yacht – we’re just kidding. Or, maybe, we’re not 🙂

‘A party ends when the last person leaves. An event is much more.’

An event is an affair to remember, much like a blockbuster film everyone raves about even after the end credits roll. We design, plan and execute customised events, ranging from weddings and celebrations to kids-related bashes. And, we see to it that every element, whether it is invites and decor or party favors and activities, is just as unique as your personal taste.

Your brand is your signature. It is your soul and essence, your look, vibe and feel. It’s your personality and public image, your unique story and best foot forward to the world. It is your thumb print – what sets you apart.

Your brand is who you are.

We believe at the heart of branding is smart communication and engaging design, that creates, builds and tells a compelling story to existing audiences and draws more audiences along the way.

Smart communication is strategic and efficient, clear and appealing and is all about saying the right thing at the right time to the right people, and getting them to listen up and act. Smart communication is a dialogue and conversation, an ongoing interaction everyone wants to be a part of. It gives a reason to choose YOU over everyone else.

Smart communication turns you into everyone’s fixation, want and need. Smart communication is irresistible.

We are classy, balanced and clean. We package more into less. We bring structure and add value. Anyone can tell a story, But, not everyone can tell them well.

We shape and build stories that are unique, and, in the process, build your brand – a brand so distinct, that all the competition looks like clutter and passé in front of it.

‘Social media isn’t about being everywhere, it’s about getting everyone to you.’

With everyone spending more time online, the dynamics of communication has changed radically. Smart social media marketing isn’t about creating pages everywhere; it’s about creating a conversation everyone wants to be a part of. Our team of social media junkies sees the world in Instagram filters and thinks in hash tags to make you the next trending topic.

‘Products have shelf lives. Creations don’t.’

Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. At All That Jazz all our products are handcrafted and made to order with a lot of love. There is a lot of thought put into each design created for little ones and adults alike that are finished to perfection. Every product is unique, personalised to the minutest detail and is delivered hoping to bring smiles to the faces they are designed for.
Whilst all our products are personalised, we are open to creating customised versions of our products for you.