A birthday/anniversary of a friend or loved one is fast approaching, and you haven’t got a clue what to give. The gift cards are getting old, and, besides, you really feel like you want to give something with more meaning. Does this situation sound familiar?

Hosting your kids’ birthday party and wonder what you can give the kids as returns? There is nothing the kids do not already have; games, gadgets or books. Another familiar dilemma that you face time and again?

While gifting can be difficult, we provide you hints that would take you closer to picking a gift that will be ‘perfect’ for the receiver and they will appreciate your efforts to finding one.

a. Think long term effectiveness, not momentary exhilaration
Expensive gifts like shiny new gadgets will have terrific reactions – that are short lived. The receiver appreciates gifts that have a longer shelf life and are more practical in the long term.

b. Memories never fail to wow the receiver
Gifts that bring back sweet memories, that take the receiver down the memory lane are always welcomed and savored. Photographs, milestone dates all help make for a beautiful gift.

c. Gifts that engage are always loved
A lost hobby, a forgotten skill, gifts that make you put your smartphone aside and spends hours getting creative. Who wouldn’t love a DIY gift that helps one engage either individually or as a family, again helping build wonderful memories?

d. Personalization is the key
And it is easier than ever today to find gifts that are personalized for your loved ones. Pair it with something that is of practical use and bingo! You have a Winner.

e. Give the gift with love
Treat gift giving not as a chore but an opportunity to re-connect with your loved ones. Gift them something that you yourself would love to have and see the magic work.

f. Pack them well
The first impression counts… even while gifting. Let the unpacking also be a special experience. cial experience.