Every business is showcased through multiple mediums today and the way your brand design and work is projected, makes or breaks a client. Design hence becomes a crucial part of marketing and communication for every business big or small. Design is a graphical representation of the communication strategy that is way more effective as compared to piece of text put up regarding your business.

For larger companies, having a dedicated marketing team is possible owning to the scale of business, giving them the liberty to allocate financial resources. However, even for larger companies finding marketing and design experts at senior position becomes difficult and they instead turn to agencies, while concentrating on what they do best. For mid and small sized organizations, all their resources – financial or human are all pushed towards growing the business and business operations. This is where a design agency comes into play.

Why hiring a design agency is important for your business?

The designers THINK for you.
A design is a thought piece. The thought process behind a design makes it either just good looking or good looking and effective. The agency combines their artistic abilities with their industry experience to give rise to a design that communicates well with the desired audience.

Design is a metaphor for your brand.
A product, service and brand have more value than what meets the eye. And a good graphic design is a symbolic rendition of everything your brand stands for. Design itself is a metaphor. The agency understands that no two clients are the same and neither the solutions that are offered. Consider, for example, Gempetit – a kids’ jewellery brand based in Mumbai. Gempetit website, peripherals and social media are designed keeping in mind a look that is vibrant yet elegant, child-like yet mature and one that would make heads turn.

Designers know when to stop.
A good design is consistent and unfussy. Designers know how to convey your business’s messages in the simplest ways, which are often the most difficult. Just the way anything in excess is not good, the design agency will know where to stop and allocate focus in a balanced way.

Design is backed by strategy.
The agency has a team of experts that come together and build a design strategy; be it for branding, social media or even a stand – alone campaign. Strategy ensures that the design is in line with the vision, mission and/or final objective of the client. Design in collaboration with strategy ensures it is flexible and can accommodate
business diversions and expansions in the future.

Collaboration and criticisms.
One of the biggest advantages of having a design team is the strategic combination of individual skills towards a project. Team members already have a combined experience of routinely exchange ideas and criticisms, which help facilitate comprehensive and continuous improvement.